She narrowed her eyes. “Hey!” The brunette complained, but there was a grin on her lips. “I am an amazing cook.” Polly laughed, even though she wanted to be completely serious. Cooking was one of the things she proud herself about. Sometimes, she dreamed about having her own bakery shop ─ but it was only dreams. Polly never managed to achieve the things she wanted. “They are soft and moist, okay?!” Pollyanna did not expect any reaction from him when she mentioned his good looks. It seemed to be something obvious to him, something he knew how to work with, something girls, and even guys, weren’t tired of pointing out. Yet, there was some redness on his cheeks, which surprised her, because she did not think something like that could happen with a guy like him. Someone that looked all secure and confident all the time. “I── Well, thanks,” she said, feeling herself getting flustered, even if he was only being nice. “That’s nice of you.” Polly offered a gentle smile. “I didn’t think you were so peculiar,” she chuckled, “that’s interesting. I will take a note of that.” The petite woman nodded. “Yeah─” Polly said, “I mean… Do you want to get this to go?” She bit her bottom lip. It had been kind of him to invite her there, and she wanted to spend time with him ─ those bits of time were her only chance. But now that he was staying overnight, they could spend more time and she didn’t have to make the best of what she thought it would be an hour. “You are staying over my place anyways and we can be lazy on the couch, which is more comfortable than this chair.” She moved on her chair.


Vincent was glad that he was not the only one that was flustered, because that would have been completely and utterly embarrassing. “I don’t think it’s peculiar to not like chocolate!” replied Vincent defensively, a smile appearing on his face as the blush faded away. “I mean, it’s just a matter of different tastes. I wouldn’t call you weird if you said you preferred Nutella over peanut b- wait a minute, yea, I’d totally judge you for preferring Nutella, on second thought.” He laughed, though that was short-lived as it was suddenly cut off by a surprised look on his face. Him being invited back to her place, after sitting down at the table for what, barely more than ten minutes? It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. He’d absolutely love to, spend more time with Polly in an intimate setting, that is. “Yea, sure, of course. I mean, yea, why not?” Vincent found that when he was with Polly, any form of articulation or eloquence tended to just go straight out of the window. She had this thing where she was able to just disarm her with that exuberance, with a curious look, a playfully biting comment. Vincent waved over the server, making a quick apology about having them seated while he ordered his food to go, then gestured over to Polly so that she could place her order. “Definitely. No idea why they won’t get one of those cushy armchair things, that would be so much better than this … straight-backed, wooden torture racks. Is your place far from here?”

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"They said something like you might need some assistance. You have two other people. They are boys though, and I don’t know where they went." She stated as she shifted on her feet slightly as he shuffled through his papers. "It’s a pleasure to meet you Theo."


"I … What? Oh, for goodness sake." Theodore slapped a hand to his forehead. He had just been subject to a very elaborate and convenient office prank. "I really don’t need all of that help - I don’t even n- Okay, I might be able to use you but I don’t need the two other boys." He rubbed his temples. "Yea, ‘course, pleasure to meet you too but … wait, you got my schedule for today?"

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"Sorry— I ahm…. I’m your intern? I think that’s what they called me? The only thing I am sure of is that I am supposed to follow you around and do what you tell me to do. My name is Emma."


"Intern? Jesus Christ." Theodore raised his eyebrows as he shuffled a few stacks of alien-looking papers around on his desk. "Uh, right, inter- Emma - I’m Theodore. Call me Theo, whatever, you know, just not ‘sir’ or anything, because that’s … weird."

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"So is that when the Brotherhood took me? Was when they attacked that night?" Rose was trying her best to wrap her mind around all of this and the more she thought about it——the more little flashbacks started showing up in her mind. At first she flinched, but then she tried to keep a straight face when the little memories of that night started flooding back in. 

"No, no. It wasn’t that," he started, closing his eyes as he dived into the maelstrom. There was no going back from here. "I managed to get out, with you. And we went on the run, I guess." It was a difficult time for him to explain to her, because there were things that he had to censor, cut out. "We managed to stay safe for a few months, just changing motels constantly, always looking over on our shoulders, you know? Then when I thought things were safe, for the two of us … Yea, they grabbed you."

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"Right, uh, you see - you gotta tell me who you are, because I only just got back and I have no idea what you are talking about at all.”

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Aspen was sitting on the couch in the private room waiting for her client to come in. When two of her regulars burst in at once she smirked. It was clear Victoria was upset, but Milo stayed calm, like he always did. Moving towards them, her body practically naked, covered in a sheer silk bra and thong exposed to them. “I didn’t get them mixed up” she purred as she kissed Milo softly and looked at Victoria. “I was just curious to see if you’d both be interested in playing with me, my two favorites” she teased as she winked at Victoria. “I booked you both for the rest of the night, so if you don’t like that idea, I’ll just do you separate.”

Victoria’s eyebrows were raised at the sight of Aspen in those skimpy clothes. It was clear that she had been ready for the two of them. Milo, on the other hand, looked impressed as he usually was by the sexuality the woman simply exuded. His lips tipped forward slightly, eagerly trying to steal another kiss, or two but the brunette was already gone. Victoria gulped apprehensively, as if offended by Aspen not even asking for her permission first before arranging her threesome. Milo, on the other hand, seemed pretty fucking enthusiastic. After thinking for a few pregnant seconds, Victoria shot a glance back at Milo and gave him a look-up, before she shrugged her shoulders. “Only because I do not have the free time to schedule another appointment for this week.” 

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"Maybe I’d get pleasure out of hearing you moaning," Lizzie suggested as she took off her own shirt. "Or screaming." While she looked over Jenny from head to toe, she undid her jeans, pushed them down, the kicked them off to the side. She smirked and learned closer to her, so she could whisper the latest addition to her suggestion in her ear. "Or begging." As she spoke she slipped a finger between the other girl’s legs and lightly ran it over her slit.


Jennifer licked her lips looking at her new Mistress strip before her. At the very moment’s notice, Jennifer would have helped. Eagerly so, though careful not to ruin any of Lizzie’s clothes lest it got her some form of punishment. Maybe she wanted punishment. “Mam …” she whined softly, her breath catching in her throat at her low whisper. Her eyes squeezed shut, pleasure shooting through her core and up her spine, causing her to arch her back. “That feels so good, Mistress …” She could feel herself practically drip with arousal, staining Lizzie’s finger thoroughly.

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So a player whom I have this ship that I really really really really love unfollowed me.


Fuck, lol.

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